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Showing 2 jobs in Spain

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Frequently asked questions

To be eligible for applying to flight attendant jobs in Spain, the candidates need to be at least 18 years or above with a minimum height of 157cm. Having proficiency in English (both verbal and written) are required for the role. Passing the EASA medical assessment and having a valid European passport/ work permit and no criminal background is mandatory.  

The average salary for cabin crew jobs in Spain differs depending on the role, experience/skills required, working hours, and the airline. Overall, the flight attendants, air hosts and hostesses, chief stewards and other members of the cabin crew working in Spain earn well. They are offered competitive salaries with benefits like accommodation, bonuses, discounts, and more. 

Having been convicted for a crime that involves an aircraft/time in jail can disqualify a candidate from being a flight attendant. All applicants applying for flight attendant jobs are required to pass the criminal background check for being eligible to apply. Want to know which European airlines are hiring cabin crew? Explore the latest listings on Aviation Job Search!

International airlines operating in Spain may not require Spanish for their cabin crew members as English proficiency is their essential requirement. Small or local airlines with domestic flights may want their air hosts and hostesses to be fluent in Spanish so for working with such airlines knowing the language can be mandatory for the job. 

There are plenty of cabin crew jobs in Spain, so getting hired for flight attendants and other roles can’t be very challenging for qualified and skilled professionals. Being acquainted with the comprehensive requirements of an employer you intend to work with will enable you to improve your chances of getting hired by not missing out on important documents/details. 


The Kind of Cabin Crew Jobs in Spain 

The different cabin crew jobs in Spain include flight attendants, air hosts, air hostesses, chief stewards, and A330 cabin crew. To apply for A330 cabin crew positions, candidates must be at least 18 years of age and fluent in spoken and written Spanish and English. The applicants must have a crime-free record and know how to swim. Having a valid passport that allows travel around the world is also needed. To work as flight attendants, the candidates must prove their legal entitlement to work across the EU without any restriction. They ought to have an outgoing and friendly demeanour as well.

The Potential of Cabin Crew Jobs in Spain 

Spain offers a high quality of life, longer work breaks, good salaries and affordable living costs to the professionals working in the country. The aviation industry in Spain is promising and so are the cabin crew jobs. The flight attendants, air hosts, hostesses and other crew members are offered great remuneration and benefits that include career development and training opportunities, paid accommodation and free meals. Many airlines have flexible work schedules of 5 working days for their flight attendants. They are given performance, sales and other bonuses and provided with free uniforms,highly discounted staff travel rates and healthcare plans.

Tips on Building Cabin Crew Careers in Spain 

Knowing Spanish can be beneficial for getting flight attendant jobs in Spain. Having a can-do attitude is important for building a cabin crew career as without it creating delightful customer experiences gets difficult. The passion for meeting new people and travelling is a must-have for flight attendants. Individuals with the ability to adapt and a customer-oriented approach are likely to best fit into the cabin crew roles. Having empathy will help in understanding the emotions and needs of passengers. Do you want to improve your chances of landing your dream job? Sign in to Aviation Job Search now to get alerts for vacancies relevant to your interest area!