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Frequently asked questions

An air observer, also known as an aerial observer is predominantly responsible for navigation and operating the communication systems. The origin of this term and role dates back to the First World War in which the Royal Flying Corps had the aircrew officer observers. The Royal Air Force continued with having observers that do the reconnaissance.

The aircrew office observer is an integral member of the flight crew that does the preliminary surveying. Being an observer in the Royal Navy you have to navigate the helicopters or other air vehicles along with keeping the communication systems functional and controlling the weaponry. Observers have to be well-aware of whatever is happening in the surroundings.

Flying aptitude tests are conducted at the Officer Aircrew Selection Centre at RAF Cranwell. If you aspire to become an observer in the Navy, you will have to take the test that will decide if you are eligible for aircrew office observer jobs. The next step is going to the Admiralty Interview Board where further assessment tests are done.

The average annual salary of aircrew office observers depends on the employer, job description, working hours, and other factors. Aircrew office observer vacancies in the royal navy have benefits like a paid holiday, free medical and dental care. If you are working for an airline as an observer, the yearly income and perks will be different.

Aircrew office observers are important for flight operations. There are employment opportunities for observers in the air force, navy, and other organisations. If you want to pursue this career, you need to have an interest and inclination in navigation and surveying. Explore recently advertised job posts by top employers in the UK on Aviation Job Search!


Aircrew Office Observer Job Description

 Aircrew office observers are an integral part of flight operations. They have to navigate the aircraft and monitor/operate the communication systems. When the observers are working for the air force and navy, they have to control the weaponry as well. The observers can be involved in search and rescue operations, so they have to be brilliant with navigation and keeping an account of the surroundings. They need to know the parameters and places pretty well to perform their duties efficiently. Using the technical knowledge and navigation skills in the best way for coping with a challenging situation is also in the aircrew office observer job description. 

Aircrew Office Observer Job Responsibilities 

Coordinating with the other aircrew members and performing the assigned tasks or duties is what primarily the observers do. When working in the navy, they have to specialise in the three kinds of aircraft. While on a flight, the observers are required to work alongside a pilot, engineers, and aircraft controller. They have to develop and improve their navigational and tactical skills during the course of training. The observers can be involved in a special rescue mission when and if required. When working with the military aircraft they are trained to operate the missile and other weapon systems for executing the assigned missions. 

Skills Required for Building an Aircrew Office Observer Career 

To become an aircrew office observer, you have to be good at multitasking. The position involves navigation and research, so the observers need to be good with numbers. They require good communication skills as well for coordinating and interacting with pilots and engineers. A sense of responsibility and the capability to work in stressful situations is essential for this role. The aircrew observers ought to have a professional attitude along with the willingness to learn the new technology and improve their skills. Attention to detail is important for the observers as they have to be meticulous with reconnaissance. Looking for vacancies in flight operations? Aviation Job Search has job listings by sought-after employers!