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Frequently asked questions

Most employers require a degree in aviation and experience for airfield operations jobs. Some may ask for both so you can take up a course offered by a university or technical school and complete the training to be eligible for applying as an airfield operations specialist. The training course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for this job.

The prime responsibilities include coordinating between air traffic control, maintenance staff and effectively implementing airfield safety strategies and procedures. The airfield operations specialists keep into account weather conditions for ensuring secure take-off and landing of air vehicles along with maintaining logs of flights and ensuring a steady flow of the air traffic.

Among the air traffic control jobs, airfield specialist is one of the highly-paid ones. The average annual salary varies depending on an employer and your job description and working hours but if you have a passion to work in aviation operations, pursuing this career has promising prospects. Explore Aviation Job Search for vacancies in air field operations!

Working in this profession is highly gratifying because the employees play an integral role in performing imperative duties related to air traffic management. Therefore, it’s highly satisfying and rewarding to work in this domain. However, job satisfaction is often measured by other factors like if you enjoy work and are willing to take up new challenges.

It is neither hard nor easy to become an aviation operations specialist. It comes down to your aptitude and inclination toward the field and if you are interested and willing to build a career in operations. View the course outline to understand the technical and other subjects that will be taught to get an idea if it’s your forte and then make your final move.


Airfield Operations Specialist Job Description

Operations specialists in aviation make sure that the commercial, military, and other aircraft take-off and land safely. They use airfield navigation to maintain air traffic control and implement safety procedures. The specialists are also required to collaborate with maintenance personnel and other staff. They do the airfield management and flight planning while considering the weather conditions and other factors. Monitoring the inbound and outbound flights and maintaining the information is also included in the airfield operations specialist job description. They also have to make sure that new safety procedures are effectively enforced during the airfield operations. 

Airfield Operations Specialist Job Responsibilities 

The routine responsibilities of an airfield operations specialist include taking care of the arrival, departures, loading, and fuelling of the aircraft. They have to keep a record of the flights and events with details about the aircrew and other information. They provide information to the pilots which is needed to plan a flight. The airfield operations specialists have to do the briefings on flights arriving and departing the airport for assisting the different teams with their designated tasks. They also take care of the cargo flights and arrange equipment needed for air evacuation. The specialists coordinate with the maintenance team for timely inspection and repairs. 

Skills Required for Building an Airfield Operations Specialist Career 

An airfield operations specialist has to be an active and good listener because many people would be asking for prompt answers to their questions and there would be a lot of details to understand. Effective communication skills are needed for this role because sending written tasks and verbal interaction are mandatory for getting the work done. Being in airfield operations you have to think critically so critical thinking and problem-solving are also required for the airfield operations jobs. Monitoring skills are a must-have for this position. Looking for airfield specialist vacancies? Check the job listings at Aviation Job Search!