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Frequently asked questions

The aerodrome control service is provided by aerodrome controller job holders, for the management and supervision for the entirety of aerodrome traffic. The service is provided on the maneuvering area of the aerodrome, including all the aircrafts that will fly in the vicinity of the given aerodrome.

Aerodrome controllers, as part of air traffic control, get to take home one of the best salary packages out there. Aerodrome controller jobs have the best opportunities to earn, so much so that it’s comparable to the jobs of captains and first officers. You also enjoy other perks along with the salary.

To build the aerodrome controller careers, you need to get the pertinent training. The training can be gained by joining NATS which is the primary employer of air traffic controllers in the UK. Some educational requirements are also needed to be met in order to get into a training program.

In aerodrome controller jobs, you’ll be guiding the flights of the different aircrafts through the air from your area control centres. The job involves helping the pilots navigate through their passages by using sophisticated machines like radars and radios, that help the controllers coordinate with pilots.

If you’re looking to apply for aerodrome controller vacancies, you might want to keep in mind that on top of the educational requirements and the type of training ,you are also required to have a certain set of skills that require utmost concentration, dexterity and attention to detail.


Aerodrome Controller Job Description 

If you’re seeing opportunities for aerodrome controller jobs and want to apply, you need to have a fair idea of all the things that you should be expecting in this job. Aerodrome controller job holders get to train for the most attention-demanding and a delicate kind of job responsibility. The length of the training course and the type of degree required for this job varies depending upon the type of aerodrome controller you’re going to become. Whether you’re an air control or ground control service employee, the main task is to make sure that your assigned aircraft lands safely on the runway, as you guide it using radars and radios. If you are looking for the latest aerodrome controller job postings, go to Aviation Job Search

Aerodrome Controller Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities that one encounters when building aerodrome controller careers include the main task of ensuring the safe landing of aircraft. The job is usually done from a control tower. The control tower gives the aerodrome controllers a bird eye’s view over the aerial space, which assists them in guiding the pilot in making a safe and precise landing. They also oversee other aspects of the landing, like making sure that the aircrafts reach the runway safely. The job of an aerodrome controller involves constant communication with the pilots when aircraft approaches the runway. In the case of an emergency, they give directions for clearing the runway so that the aircraft can land safely.

Skills Required For Building Aerodrome Controller Career 

The success behind aerodrome controller careers relies all on your personal ability to tackle different problems in this job. The solution to these problems require a quick and witty cognitive skill. You need to be really adept about dealing with modern technology like radios and radars. A good eye sight, as well as general good health is quintessential to a job of this type. Aerodrome controllers are also demanded to have perfect communication or coordination skills, which will enable them to effortlessly convey the relevant information to the pilots. Explore the latest air traffic control vacancies on Aviation Job Search