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Showing 176 jobs in North America
Showing 176 jobs in North America

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The political stability, diverse climate options, a wide range of accommodation choices, a strong economy, and plenty of job opportunities make North America a great continent to live and work in. The salaries are decent and taxes are low in the countries. North America offers its residents quality education, high living standards, a safe environment, and promising career prospects. 

The aviation jobs in North America are junior air charter brokers, first officers, airline technical operations representatives, B1 and B2 engineers, rated and non-rated captains, aviation product engineers, mechanical component engineers, turbine design engineers, lead propulsion modeling and simulation engineers, aircraft technicians, and airline customer service consultants. The basic qualification requirements for these roles are the same for different positions. 

The average per annum salary for aviation vacancies in North America varies depending on the position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, working hours, and the employer. Overall, the aviation professionals working in North America earn well. They are offered competitive remuneration packages and benefits. Get desired results for your job adverts by posting them on Aviation Job Search!


An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in North America 

North America is the "land of opportunities" for many reasons. It has many different types of land, cultures, and economies. People from all over the world come to live and work on the continent. It's because of its long history, beautiful landscapes, stable government, and strong economies. North America has many places that people want to visit. These include Northern Lights and Yellowstone. There are a lot of natural resources on the continent. Professionals in many fields can look forward to good job opportunities. People who live in North American countries have good living standards and salaries. Qualified and skilled people don't have a hard time finding work on the continent. In North America, there are many different kinds of places to stay. In different countries, the work environment is different. But it is always competitive and multi-cultural. Captain, B1 and B2 engineer,planet technician, and cabin crew are popular aviation jobs in the North America.

The Kind of Aviation Jobs in North America 

The air transportation industry makes a big difference in the North American economy. The industry is important because it creates jobs, and it helps control trade flows. There are a lot of airline jobs in North America. Other people who work in aviation include airport operators, aircraft manufacturers, aerospace companies, . Many aviation jobs are available in freight logistics and airline supply and chain. North American aircraft maintenance jobs include aircraft engine prognostics, and engineers. The rated and non-type rated captains, first officers, flying instructors are also common. Sign in to Aviation Job Search to narrow down your job search results.