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Showing 3 jobs in Bournemouth
Showing 3 jobs in Bournemouth

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With its beautiful beaches, sunny climate, thriving financial and tech industries, excellent educational institutions and healthcare amenities, Bournemouth ranks among the best UK towns to live and work in. Efficient public transport, reasonable rental properties, many places to explore including gardens, museums, and exciting remote work opportunities are more reasons to reside and get employed in Bournemouth. 

The aviation jobs in Bournemouth are B1 licensed engineers, aircraft fitters, cabin crew, operations flight controllers, aviation operations executives, aviation stores persons, airworthiness engineers, planning and customer support advisors-aviation, aircraft maintenance technicians, customer support executives-aviation, flight attendants, lecturers in aviation, aircraft engineers-avionics, CMF designers, and quality managers-aviation.

The average salary for aviation vacancies in Bournemouth varies depending on the position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, working hours, and the employer. Overall, the aircraft fitters, licensed engineers and other aviation professionals working in Bournemouth are offered competitive remuneration packages and benefits. Check out the latest aviation listings in your desired location in the UK on Aviation Job Search!


An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in Bournemouth

With its fascinating beaches, warm and sunny climate, beautiful coastal villages, forests and heathlands, Bournemouth has splendid scenic beauty. The town has an efficient public transport network including rails and buses, so getting in and around different areas is easily manageable. Bournemouth has excellent educational institutions and healthcare amenities. There are various entertainment venues and attractions in the area, the town centre has many interesting places to explore. Bournemouth offers a vibrant life to its residents. There are plenty of accommodation options available in the town, the majority of rental properties are flats and the rents are reasonable. Bournemouth has thriving finance and tech sectors. There are fast-growing enterprises in Dorset, hence providing promising career prospects for different professionals. Co-working spaces and work-from-home opportunities can be sought in Bournemouth.  Popular aviation jobs in Bournemouth are B1 licensed engineers, aircraft fitters, cabin crew, planning and customer support advisors-aviation, and aircraft mechanics. 

The Kind of Aviation Jobs in Bournemouth

Bournemouth has an airport and many aviation and aerospace companies. The air transport sector plays a crucial role in the economic growth of a region, the airport in Bournemouth is small but handles most of the air traffic for the town. In addition to the airline jobs in Bournemouth, the other aviation employers are airport operators, air navigation service providers and airport on-site enterprises including restaurants and retail outlets. The aviation opportunities in Bournemouth are certification engineers-aviation, planning and customer support advisors-aviation, operations flight controllers, B1 licensed engineers, cabin crew, quality managers-aviation, business development executives-aviation, aircraft fitters, resource coordinators-aviation, aircraft engineers-avionics, hangar assistants-aviation, airworthiness engineers, aviation stores persons, aviation operations executives, lecturers in aviation, flight attendants, and aviation customer support representatives. Save yourself time and effort in finding a job by getting alerts for vacancies relevant to your area of interest and experience. Sign in to Aviation Job Search now