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Showing 2 jobs in Abu Dhabi
Showing 2 jobs in Abu Dhabi

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With its rich and diverse culture, high employment standards and salaries, sandy beaches and leisure activities, Abu Dhabi is one of the best Middle East cities to reside and work in. The city offers promising career prospects for different professionals. Family-friendly living conditions, excellent schools and reasonable lodging and everyday commodities prices, make it the finest place to live in. 

The aviation jobs in Abu Dhabi are aviation project coordinators, synthetic flight instructors, co-pilots, cabin crew, aviation maintenance mechanics, airline sales support officers, airport services duty officers, VIP flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, aviation- civil engineers, aircraft technicians, captains, aircraft maintenance engineers, and army aviation training managers. The basic qualification requirements for these roles are almost the same for different positions. 

The average salary for aviation vacancies in Abu Dhabi varies depending on the kind of position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, and the employer. The aircraft technicians, pilots and other aviation professionals in Abu Dhabi are offered competitive remuneration packages and benefits. For easy posting and searching for aviation jobs Abu Dhabi, rely on Aviation Job Search!


An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to live and work in the Middle East. It is because of its sunny weather, high employment standards, and multicultural population. It's not hard to find cheap housing in this city, but the cost of living changes and can be affected by inflation. In Abu Dhabi, there are a lot of good job opportunities for people with different skills. The city is safe and good for families, so it's a good place to live. Abu Dhabi has good schools, and it is easier and cheaper to get around the city. Qualified professionals don't have much trouble finding work in this city. The employees are paid well and have a good balance between work and life. Popular aviation jobs in Abu Dhabi include aviation project coordinators, cabin crew, technicians, airport services duty officers, and engineers.

The Kind of Aviation Vacancies in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an important part of the Middle Eastern aviation business. There are full-service airlines, aircraft maintenance companies, and aerospace companies in the city. In addition to airlines, airport operators, airport-based businesses like shops and restaurants, and companies that help with air navigation also hire people in Abu Dhabi. There are more jobs in freight logistics and the supply chain for airlines. Abu Dhabi has jobs for aircraft mechanics, captains, airport operations center controllers, and aircraft maintenance engineers. You'll also find jobs for quality assurance managers and airline salespeople. Explore Abu Dhabi aviation careers by getting notified of the positions matching your work experience and skill set. Sign in to Aviation Job Search!