Direct Employer

Deputy Head of Training - ATO

Starspeed Ltd
Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
Full time
£95,000 - £100,000
18 days ago

Location: Costwold Airport, Kemble

Job summary 

The Deputy Head of Training will support all flight and managerial aspects of Starspeed Training ATO. This position will report to reporting to the Head of Training.

Duties include:

The successful candidate will be an experienced type rating Instructor and examiner. The main terms of reference will include the duties (as prescribed in the ATO manual) of Head of Training, and Chief Ground Instructor and will include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Any general managerial duties required to support the efficient and effective management of Starspeed Training Ltd, as determined by the Head of Training
  • On an annual basis, helping to develop and present the business plan for Starspeed Training Ltd
  • Promoting flight safety across both Starspeed Training Ltd and Starspeed Ltd
  • Ensuring all training carried out by Starspeed Training Ltd is complaint with both UK CAA/EASA regulatory requirements
  • for all aspects of student discipline and, if necessary, disciplinary action should any inappropriate behaviour occur.
  • assignment of instructors for all courses offered by the ATO
  • Assisting the Head of Training in publication and promulgation of Operations Manuals, Training Staff Instructions.
  • ensuring the satisfactory integration of flight training in an aircraft or a flight simulation training device (FSTD) and theoretical knowledge instruction;
  • Ensuring that training is delivered to meet Starspeed’s objective of being safe, high quality and customer focused. Whilst also monitoring the progress and performance of students.
  • Working with both the Head of Training and Safety & Compliance Manager to ensure that audits and their responses are coordinated and timely. 
  • The successful candidate may be required to fly charters for the AOC from time-to-time
  • As Chief Ground Instructor (CGI) shall be responsible or the supervision of all theoretical knowledge instructors and for the standardisation of all theoretical knowledge instruction.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Head of Training.


The person would ideally be an SFI/SFE or TRI/TRE already H145 D2/D3 qualified. 


- 25 days annual leave allowance

- Loyalty Scheme

- Private Medical

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