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Battery Management System (BMS) Development

Cubiq Recruitment Ltd
Japan, Asia
Full time
$60,000 - $70,000
13 days ago
Battery Management System (BMS) Development
¥8,0******-¥9,0****** (equivalent to $61,500-$70,000)
Cubiq have partnered with an exciting and well backed eVTOL business based in Japan, there vision and dedication to succeed puts them in a unique position to one of the leaders in the next generation flight/eVTOL/’flying car’ sector.
You will be responsible for the development of the battery management system (BMS) for the flying car.
  • Study the BMS specifications and create the required specifications based on the aircraft system requirements and battery specifications.
  • Request design and manufacturing to partners, and conduct coupling tests and analysis with the airframe system and battery.
    (e.g., analysis and evaluation of battery measurements/SOC status estimates, evaluation of communication with aircraft systems, etc.)
  • Safety analysis (FTA, FMEA, etc.) to obtain type certification, and compilation of evidence for design review/evaluation results, etc.
  • Relationship building with partners
  • Implementation of partner selection, control, quality audit, etc.
Since the business is involved in the entire process from specification development to actual testing, from upstream to downstream, it is an environment where you can strongly feel that you have created the product with your own hands.

The lithium-ion battery used in the flying car must have a large capacity and light weight in order to “fly safely”, and above all, it must be safe and reliable.

In addition, as a small and elite development team, you will be involved in upstream processes such as the formulation of requirement specifications, and you will be involved in a wide range of technical elements that make up the battery, such as cells, packs, and controls. This is an environment where you can fully feel the satisfaction of having created the battery control system for a flying car with your own hands.
Experience in ECU/microcomputer board software or hardware development (at least 5 years in either case
One of the following
  1. Experience in the development of eVTOL, automotive and/or aircraft ECUs
  2. Experience in functional safety development
  3. Experience in the development of battery SOC/SOH state estimation control logic.
  4. Experience in modelling development in MATLAB.
What the client is looking for
  1. The ability to work towards achieving objectives while flexibly incorporating the opinions and ideas of others.
  2. The person who can think independently and proceed with things while checking with the supervisor.

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