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Helicopter Pilot


About the role:

The helicopter pilots transport passengers in a helicopter for business, leisure, or emergency response. They use several instruments to navigate, control height, speed, and communicate with air traffic controllers during the flight.

  • Career paths:
    "Level 1","Level 2","Level 3"
  • Salary average:
    £25,000 - £68,000
  • Upskilling path:
    Academic (Bucks New Univeristy, Heli Air ) Training (Helicentre, Phoenix Helicopters)


The helicopter pilot flies single and multi-engine helicopters. As a pilot, you can fly solo or work as part of a team in the case of a large helicopter. Besides the flying part, a helicopter pilot draws up a flight plan, checks weather conditions, fuel supply, and operates the equipment and instruments. Similarly to an aircraft, a Captain and Co-Pilot can fly the helicopter together. The pilot takes instructions from Air Traffic Controller to navigate the chopper. For takeoff or landing, pilot communicates with the ATC to get permission. Helicopter pilots fly for business, leisure, or emergency response purposes. They also take part in rescue operations. If you want to acquire a private pilot licence or a commercial pilot licence to fly the helicopter, you must go through the training phase. As a pilot in command of a helicopter, you can also serve in UK Armed Forces and National Police Air Service branch. In this case, helicopter pilots provide aerial support to naval bases and other strategic locations.

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