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Airport Security Manager

Aviation Security

About the role:

Airport Security Managers handle airport security operations. They make sure that their department fulfills the airport security administration's requirements. As a manager, they are also in charge of all security officials deployed at the airport.

  • Career paths:
    "Level 1","Level 2","Level 3"
  • Salary average:
    £29,000 - £65,000
  • Upskilling path:
    Academic (Bucks New University, University of Central Lancashire, Elegant International College) Training (International Secure Minds Training Academy)


Airport Security Manager's job involves team management, leadership, and an understanding of airport security technology and processes. As the in charge of security, they oversee all of the security measures and protocols in place at the airport. They inspect security arrangements on the airport premises regularly. The security manager takes the report from all of the security officials and decides accordingly. Coordinating with other security, intelligence agencies, and updating the security database regarding wanted individuals is also a crucial responsibility that an airport security manager undertakes. This role also reflects the exceptional customer service skills required to ensure that passengers have a safe and efficient passage within a friendly environment. The airport security managers receive training to respond to any emergencies in line with the agreed procedures. Airport Security Manager designs the airport security apparatus as stipulated by the CAA. The hiring of employees in the security department and then performing their background checks are also some of their essential duties.

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