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Aeronautical Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

About the role:

An aeronautical engineer designs and builds aircraft, missiles, and systems for national defense. They are employed primarily in manufacturing, analysis, design, research, and development departments.

  • Career paths:
    "Level 1","Level 2","Level 3"
  • Salary average:
    £20,000 - £65,000
  • Upskilling path:
    Academic (City University of London, University of Birmingham, Kingston University London, University of Surrey) Training (Bae Systems, Rolls Royce PLC)


The aeronautical engineer carries out work on different components that make up the aircraft and its systems. They utilize cutting-edge technology and tools to meet the needs of clients or customers. An individual who works as an aeronautical engineer deals with the maintenance of aircraft that operates within the earth’s atmosphere. Their primary responsibilities include conducting the research, developing design specifications, and using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create plans. They supervise the assembly of airframes and installation of engines, instruments, and other equipment. After the installation, they also take part in flight-test programmes to measure take-off distances, climb, and stall speeds.

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