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How to Master the Cabin Crew Online Personality Test

by kamran saeed
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How to Master the Cabin Crew Online Personality Test

Personality tests are becoming famous for gaining entry into the Aviation industry. During the recruitment process of cabin crew, airlines are using the latest technology to scrutinize the candidates. 

Aviation experts take the help of psychologists to design a personality questionnaire. This stringent screening process helps the airlines in the recruitment of the right personnel. Not just the airlines, but companies worldwide now use such tests to check the behavior of candidates. 

Airlines keep looking for candidates who possess extraordinary customer service skills. They search for applicants that correspond to the personality of the airline. 

Aviation examiners can assess the desired competencies and traits by using a questionnaire. The questions mentioned in the form help the examiners judge the mental capability of cabin crew aspirants. Doing this, they also consider the cognitive abilities of candidates. 

David Barrett, Chief Operating Officer of International Assessment at cut-e, explains that these tests help the airlines remove unfit candidates and select those who will prove to be suitable for the post. They can also test an individual’s temperament or mood swings at the early stage of recruitment.

Usually, an applicant can complete these personality tests in 15-20 minutes. From a technical perspective, you don’t require any preparation for this test. There are no right or wrong responses. The test is relative, and the answers of every single applicant differ from others. You will be shown some statements and asked to describe how this statement describes you.

Tips for success

  1. Rest well before the test: 

Make sure that you sleep well before the test. Any signs of tiredness can impact the way you answer the questions. If you somehow give the test in a stressful situation, then the findings won’t reflect your personality.

  1. Know the personality traits:

These personality test questions check if you have the required personality traits that an airline is looking for. You must be mindful of the core personality competencies. Usually, the exam has different categories: teamwork, motivation, resilience, analytical, and thinking.


  1. Improve the English Language:

Some examiners use highly sophisticated language. The reason behind it is that they test the same levels of competency in different manners. Carefully read each statement and then answer the question to recognize the competency asked by the employer. 

  1. Read the instructions carefully:

Take your time to read the instructions carefully before starting the test. Cautiously browse through the categories given in the exam and act accordingly. If the examiner has asked for a particular competency, then your answer should be relevant. Visualize the questions in your mind before writing them down. During the attempt, try to instill consistency in your answers and don’t digress.

  1. Practice Online:

If you have no previous experience of appearing in a personality test, you can get some practice by taking the tests online. Different online practice tests will help you prepare well for the exam. Although online examples can be dissimilar, the statements can prepare you well for the final personality assessment.