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Top Aviation Courses Offered by UK Universities

by kamran saeed
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Top Aviation Courses Offered by UK Universities

In this article, you can explore some of the best aviation courses and degrees in the UK being offered by the universities. The aviation industry plays a pivotal role in any country's economic progress. It also supports other sectors such as tourism, military, and transport. Government and the aviation regulatory bodies place a strong emphasis on providing top quality training and skills to young graduates. Therefore, some universities in the UK offer relevant courses in Aviation to help students prepare for their professional careers.


Following are some of the UK's top universities that offer courses in Aviation.


Kingston University London:


There are two courses available for the students at Kingston University, London. Students who seek to pursue their career in Aviation or Aeronautics enroll in the courses. These courses include Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training and Aviation Operations and Technology. The first one provides training to the commercial pilots. In comparison, the second course offers technical know-how regarding aircraft's operation and its infrastructure. Besides this, the students also acquire skills in project management and communication.

Kingston University London offers courses to overcome challenges in the industry. In this degree, the students receive theoretical and practical training. The instructors conduct lab and flight simulation training to impart future aviators with the necessary training.       

Students should consider the tuition fees and campus locations before formally enrolling in Aviation degrees. 


University of Surrey:


Students can undertake the post-graduate degree of MSc Air Transport Management course from the University of Surrey. In this course, you will develop critical aspects of air transport management. You'll have a chance to learn about airlines and airports' structuring and operation. This will help you gain crucial information and technicalities related to the Aviation discipline. It is situated near the Heathrow and Gatwick airports, making it easy to learn the research and conduct analysis.  


Bucks New University:


Bucks New University holds the honour of being the first university in the UK that introduced aviation courses. From here, you can get pilot degrees, airline and airport management courses along with a degree in tourism management, which is a combination of both aviation and tourism. Pilot training is also accessible for the students, and there are better prospects of landing a job in Aviation after completion of the degree. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, such as undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some of the degrees you can undertake from here include BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training, BA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management, and BSc (Hons) Aviation and Logistics Management.


Post-graduate courses in Aviation Security, Operations Management, are structured after taking input from the experts in the industry. These are extremely helpful in the progression of career.      


City University of London:


The City University of London offers world-class post-graduate degrees in Aviation. Due to the increasingly high competition in the market, the recruiters prefer candidates with a Master's degree in Aviation. Courses are designed specifically for the aviation industry professionals who have tight schedules. They can easily manage their studies along with the busy routine. The varsity offers a master's degree in Air Safety Management, Air Transport Management, Aircraft Maintenance Management, and Airport Management.