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BA Customer Service Representative LHR
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Thank you. How long did it take your stage one vetting take before they sent you a provisional start date??
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It took about 3-4 weeks for mine but they forgot to notify me that I had a provisional date so I kept chasing them.
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Is anyone here has a start date on 5th of April? And if yes, is there any Facebook group for that one? Thanks! ;)
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Anyone started a Facebook page?
Any tips for when training commences?
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Hi everyone,

I have recently applied for BA for the Customer Service Executive position.

Does anyone know anything about this position? I'm having an assessment centre scheduled for next week and I was wondering if this position is a good one.

the salary seems good, but the description is a bit confusing.

Thank you very much!
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Have you received any feedback yet,Got my start date but there are asking me to come to their offices with one of my referees to sign a form?!
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Hiya, I've got my start date 5th May but haven't had contract yet as they are doing final checks they said I won't get contract until latest day before and also can't confirm hours of training? Have you experienced the same?
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I'm currently waiting for a start date! Have sent you a PM!

For all those who were wondering: I was told that the contracts would be sent out as soon as we receive provisional start date. It appears that it is not the case anymore We would also have to book ourselves into a uniform fitting down at LHR before we start training Good luck to you all, keep us posted if you have any extra info!
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Anyone got a start date of 5th May- are you on a permanent or fixed term contract for seasonal? Thanks.
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Hello guys ,
do you know anyone who was working as a customer service representative/executive BA and is now cabin crew BA ???
I m curious to know if u have to resign to apply as a cabin crew, starting the application process all over again ?

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