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Wizz Air UK
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I see Wizz Air are recruiting. Does anyone know if they offer permanent contracts and also know what the average monthly take home pay is?

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I have copied and pasted what a user said on another forum a few weeks ago regarding Wizzair.

“ So, I want to the catch-up interview day at the beginning of last week. They did a little slide show of the airline. I will warn you, it really painted an extremely negative image of the company, and pretty much made me turn down a training slot for the 12th July.

You aren't hired by Wizz but a third party HR company called Aero Solutions or something. The contract is for 6 months, may be extended for three months after if business is there, and then you will be hired by Wizz or let go completely.

The pay is a little shocking but still better than Ryanair. The basic is something between £500 and £750 depending on area and experience. They showed us what the pay would be everything included, and up to a busy 24 sector roster (flying 12 days a month up to 90 hours, which they said won't happen till restrictions are lifted) and it was shaky. The pay including basic salary, sector pay, commission etc.. for the crew without experience is 1015 a month and 950 for DSA/CWL. With experience, it was something like 1150 and 1050 DSA/CWL. It would be more than a £700 a month paycut if I left my current job for it.

The training is a WHOLE other story. When you're training you are not paid. Courses are two weeks for conversations and 5 weeks for new entrants. If you are training away from base (the offer I got was a course in Luton) you must pay for your own transport and accommodation, which most other airlines would never do. The final exam and door training are in Budapest but they did say Wizz would cover this.

When reeling off a list of good points about the company, the first they said is crew food. That was a red flag. Now, an employer saying it will feed you when you're trapped at 35,000 is very expected. Like, it was a weak starting point.

Anyway, a contract with some HR company, poor pay, and this drama with training meant I turned down an application. I know people are desperate to get back in the industry, but please think hard if this is right for you.”
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Thank you very much for this info

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