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Wizzair online application response?
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Hi everyone,

Once I saw Wizzair's cabin crew job alert I've applied straight away for their Luton base, more precisely on the 13th of July, so that's 2 months ago already. I applied via their website, sent all the requirements which included my CV, a cabin crew data sheet that I had to fill and 2 pictures of me in a passport and full lenght format. Thing is that I still haven't heard anything from them, I check my e-mail daily and still haven't got any response. Does anyone know if I'll get any e'-mail reply from them back at all? Even if my application is unsuccessful? I'm a bit concerned about this as I think that I meet all their requirements, I'm Bulgarian so I'm fluent in blugarian, fluent italian and an excellent english both written and spoken. I have the right height and I flew so many times with their airline so I'm pretty familiar with them.
Has anybody applied via online without attending any of their open days and didn't get any reply back by e-mail? Is it better if I attend one of their open days rather than applying online and even tho I've already sent my online application does it still count? I would really appreciate if somebody gives me an answer, thanks.
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Hi allie98,

I am exactly in the same position as you. I applied via online twice, a Budapest base and Vienna base, NO reply by email, nothing. I haven´heard anything from them as you. I´m also flying with them frequently and I mentioned in my application that I´m fascinated by their the best low fare service blabla, that I have great customer service experience which can be very useful for a cabin crew job, the knowledge of languages etc.
I haven´t attended any of their open days yet as I think that they wouldn´t consider me there in accordance that they obviously don´t like my experiences and skills which I enthusiastically offered them online. i also think that they prefer very young candidates. So I can´t tell you if it is better to attend only an open day. But if you really want that job, then just try. Keep trying. Or try with some other airlines, there are so many. I also heard that it´s better if you have an invitation to an AD. There is also a possibility that you will be rejected in the first five minutes when they ask you to introduce yourself. But on the other side I also know that many people were successful when they attended an open day, I read a Wizz flight magazine for example when are introduced crew ambassadors from different bases and they also explain how they applied.
I have read so much about the cabin crew job, different arlines... It´s also good to read as more as possible about the company, values, the cabin crew responsibilities and you have to train problem solving skills because, well you probably know you have role plays on the AD etc.
I think that you probably won´t receive an e-mail reply from them as it is strictly said in the online application section - see a blue area below - that they reserve the right to contact only selected candidates.
I would advise you to read Frequently Asked Questions in a career section - I HAVEN’T RECEIVED AN INVITATION, BUT I SEE THAT THERE IS AN OPEN DAY ANNOUNCED – CAN I COME? The answer is: Yes.
I hope this helps.
I wish you luck
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Thanks for your reply albatross

I haven't noticed the FAQ section at all, I've read it till the end now and now I understand why it's been 2 months without me hearing anything from them! Although it's a bit annoying when you don't get any feedback at all 'cause usually every airline gives you a feedback even if you've been unsuccessful and without any answer it seems like they haven't checked your details and cv at all! :( I'm actually pretty young, 20 years old but still have one year and a half of experience within the customer service field, I also mentioned everything about why I would like to work for their airline with so much enthusiasm and so on. I preferred to apply for the role via online instead of attending one of their open days as I live 2hrs away from Luton (by car) but I'll see if I can get to one of their open days, maybe the impression in person would be different rather than just sending your cv and a picture. I will definitely try with other airlines as well!
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