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How do you choose the airline?
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Hi everybody,

I have been thinking - how do you choose the airline to apply for?
I have got invitation for AD for one airline and I had applied only for that. But meanwhile I know that there are better airlines than this one. I have flew with many (and I mean A LOT) different airlines and many times, of course not as cabin crew. And for comparesment I would say that cheaper airlines more than others has picky clients. Uuuh, sounds like I want to avoid them, but who wouldn't?

So my question is - do you apply only for one airline?
What are the reasons?

I chosed that one because of the location for AD. At that current moment I even did not think of others. And still I would be very happy to get the job in this airline because it has some benefits for workers too. (Like shifts)
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Cabin Crew Consultant
If you really want to work as cabin crew it is a wise idea to put in as many applications as you can... it is extremely difficult to get a cabin crew job and often will take numerous attempts. It is very rare for someone to get a job first time with their chosen airline. It is also more likely the case, that the airline chooses you and not the other way around. Each airline looks for certain things that meet their standards and expectations and you may not fit that idea, so you have to find the right airline 'fit' for you. It is a very difficult selection process and requires a lot of understanding and research abut what being cabin crew is really about, what the job entails and if it meets your expectations... That's why it's wise to try different airlines and find out what airline is right for you...
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art hotel

Last year, I went to a boutique hotel in laguna beach, I realized that airlines matter when you are travelling a long distance. You should choose a mode of transport that is comfortable. Otherwise, you will get tired and not enjoy the tour. Few people in the world can boast of having an office in the sky. The majority of airline pilots believe it's a vista they'll never tire of. It's easy to see why, with distant thunderstorms and an endless blue sky. However, to receive the credit, you'll have to choose one airline from a list of nine qualifying domestic carriers. You can make the choice when you first open your card, and change your selection (if you want) once per year, in January. 

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John Baker

I have been applying to many different airlines to which i have applied my application because it is very rare when you  apply for your one favorite airline and then you will be lucky enough to get selected in it. To apply in so many airlines, i have to make my resume attractive for which i used resume making software that i downloaded using VPN for Windows because the site with premium resume format was not working in my state.


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