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easyJet or Ryanair?


I've just received offers to join the cabin crew team from easyJet and Ryanair. 

I'm so torn between the two and would like some advice- EZY has better ratings on sites like Glassdoor, but I wanted some real advice. 

Both would be based at MAN but my the main points that stick out to me are:

easyJet training is paid at normal base salary, but ryanair is just a small per diem, 

As far as i'm aware, easyJet help with accommodation during training too.

The base salary is roughly the same for both, but I don't know what the duty/sector pay is for ryanair- easyJet sent me this before i'd even interviewed!

I guess the main things I'd love you guys to share with me are:

Base transfer opportunities- I'd love to transfer to a base abroad for a bit, do either airline offer this?

Staff travel benefit- which do you think is better for being able to travel and see Europe on my days off? Can the benefits be shared with friends and family?

Time off- is it easy to take annual leave and if I have it pre-booked before I start, generally, will this be honoured?

Company Culture- what are your experiences?

If you can help with any of this or have anything else worth considering when I make my choice, please let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks Xx

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