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"Should I do Ryanair or wait?"

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing great!

When I left sixth form at 18, I tried for 2 years to get a job as cabin crew because I am really passionate for aviation, love planes and travelling.......

I have applied to BA x3, Qantas x1, Virgin x2 and TUI x1 and have been unsuccessful in each occasion. For BA, I attended 3 assessment days. For Qantas and Virgin, I didn't get an invite. For TUI, I declined my invitation to their assessment day.

When I was 19, I did manage to find a good job which I still have right now thankfully. I do enjoy it, however, I have made the decision to go to university (UWL) and study airline and airport management. I am studying it for 3 years but only on 45 Saturdays each year. This is known as a part-time intensive course and the reason I chose to do it this way is because I still want to work at the same time.

I know it is possible to be crew at the same time as I know some people who worked as crew whilst studying it (they missed more lectures because they had lectures over the week as they did the full-time course). I think this degree would be a good thing to have as this pandemic proves it is always good to have a plan b to fall back on. "Anyone else became crew whilst studying?"

Anyway, I want to work from Heathrow, Gatwick or London City (preferably Heathrow as I live in Central London). However, the only airline that seems to be recruiting at the moment is Ryanair (CREWLINK). I have applied anyway because I want the interview experience, but if I get an offer, what should I do? I really want to be crew and I think the experience would be good, but I just don't know how I'd be able to travel to either Luton or Stansted, especially when public transport right now is reduced and barely works at night (when I have early or late flights).

I think I'm going to wait for a customer service or even cabin crew opportunity at Heathrow or Gatwick.........but I don't know if I'm doing the right thing

*I know I'm the only one who knows what I should do, but it has been stressing me out so much so I'd love to know what you think/what would you do if you were in my shoes*

All the best,

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Cabin Crew Consultant
Hi Flo,

Well, your plan looks well thought out so that's a good start!

Many crew have completed part-time studies whilst flying, but my only thought there was you may miss some of those saturday lectures due to flying duties - it's not always possible to chose where your days off may be. Would you be able to reshedule lectures or catch up somehow - if not, I would hang on for a while and not rush into flying. I studied whilst flying also, but it was around 20 hours a week to my own schedule, so that's a little different.

You have started applying (there are so few jobs around thanks to covid) and as you say there is no harm in getting the interview experience as this will help you prepare your future applications. I would apply and wait and see if you get an offer - then you can make that decision - in a few months time, there might be more transport options to LTN/STN so you never know. You may also have more of a feeling at a later stage about if the job offer is right for you.

Of course, there is the option to hold out for jobs at LGW/LHR which may be much easier for you transport wise - right now, we just cannot predict when those jobs may come up - if you have a steady job now, I'd be inclined to keep with it for a few more months until we see how things are moving forward in aviation (or not...)

It's difficult to make such a decision in these difficult times with everything so uncertain, so I'd just hang on in there, keep your options open and then see if you get any options with Ryanair. It might then feel like the right time to join them or it may not and you might decide to wait for another cabin crew position that you feel is more suited to you. Just see how things go, you don't need to make any decision right now.

Let us know how the application with Ryanair goes and then if you are still undecided, we may be able to help you clarify your options.

All the best!

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