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Hello everyone. I know you're no HR and you might say attend an AD and let the recruiters decide πŸ˜… but I just want to ask if anybody here knows or has an experience or knowledge of how "strict" QR is with regards to scars & birthmarks. I've heard that they're really taking it seriously and some people were saying not that much. It's bec.I have a keloid, around 1cm, on my left knee and a birthmark,1cm as well but not that much dark, on my right elbow. I'm asking so that I dont have to waste my power applying to QR and just move on with my life if ever it will be a reason for rejection πŸ˜‚ 

Good luck to all of us, hopefuls. πŸ˜˜ 

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If it’s not t visible there are high chance also be honest with them as much as possible 


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