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Assessments Completed status with Qatar Airways

Hi folks, trust you are all doing well. Is there anyone one here with the assessments completed status with QA? I was asked to submit certificates, passport copies, and other documents early January, which I did successfully. I'm sttill waiting for instructions, meanwhile, candidates who were selected last December are moving to Doha and, I a candidate who has been waiting for two years is yet to know my fate. Do you have an idea what's going in terms of Qatar  airways recruitment of candidates on hold from 2020 due to Covid? I'm totally confused at this point..

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Harris Mathias

hey there I'm in the exact same process as my final interview done on Feb 4 and on 6th of Feb I got a mail for photo submission, and since then no news,any idea how many days exactly do they take to send a mail after photo submission?

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Well, I'm not really sure of how long it will take but we have to keep on waiting for contact from QA. 

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Ashish Joshi

Hey I hope You are doing great, same thing is happened with me got select in year 2020 march batch was on hold due to covid they call back to rejoin done with first webex and after 20 days sonru interview till then my status is showing assessment completed no call no revert nothing, i try to connect with my mailing hr she told me i am not in this project now i cant tell you anything,

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Joy Muma

Hello guys. Did you join already?

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Hey I recently did my interviews for NBO Kenya on 24th and 26th May and my application got updated on 9Th June as “Assessment Complete +F2F” it has changed since then any clues????

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@joymuma not yet

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Any feedback?

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Imran Warsi

Stucked on assessment completed since 14th June 2022. How long it takes, please revert back if anyone has received offer letter after submitting photo's and other documents.

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Orpha Wangari

@David Murimi which position did you select during the interview?

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