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Vista jet
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Have a telephone interview. Does anyone have any advice or tips? Has anyone worked for them recently just wondering what the role is like with them?
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Cabin Crew Consultant
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I have a Skype interview with VistaJet in a few days and was just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to expect? Is it a formal interview or is the more formal one when they invite you to the face to face interview? What sort of questions can I expect as it's my first interview with this type of airline.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi how are you?

I passed the Skype interview, how did yours go? Have you been invited to the next stage?

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My name is cheryl and I was wondering if vistajet is still recruiting .
I am a ex cabin crew with 5 languages and I am also learning Korean German and Icelandic.
Would these help me please help.
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I did a Skype interview with Vistajet two weeks ago, but haven’t heard back yet for a second long does it take to hear back for a second interview usually??

My friend did hers a week before I did and got a “thank you but no thank you” email two days later. I’m guessing no news is good news?? Anyone else in the same boat?
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I would love to work for Vista Jet!!! I hope your interview with them went great :)
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Ahmed Malik

Yet for a  second interview  how long does it take to hear back for a second interview usually 




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