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Ryanair Interview 2021 March
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Hi guys,

Thought I’ll start up a new post to ask if anyone had an interview recently with Crewlink for Ryanair summer jobs and how long it for you to get results.

I had an interview on the 18th March and still haven’t heard anything was told however I’ll be hearing in a week so I’m concerned if I haven’t passed and I just haven’t had anything back.

Anyone going through similar things please let me know.
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raffaella scappi
I had mine on February 24th for U.K. bases . No reply yet .
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Hey Angel!
First of all I hope you’ve had a positive feedback from Ryanair .
I have an online interview with Crewlink tomorrow morning and I’m actually really nervous as I don’t know what to expect from it. I’m currently preparing the typical interview questions they sent me but besides that I’m completely blind. Can you share how was yours?
Thanks in advance
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any news? Did you receive your result?
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Hi all,

Just wanted to check with everyone else.... did you have to give a FULL history dating right back to Secondary School? I had my interview yesterday and the interviewer said “Oh, there’s huge gaps in your employment and education history” and when I asked him to clarify he basically told me that every single day for the past 20 years has to be recorded and submitted!?!!
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Hey! So, basically when you first send your online application they should respond you sending you their resume template that you should complete, along the pages you will find some instructions on how to fill each space. I remember you had to explain everything you’ve been doing before you applied (including holidays, summer jobs, vacations or even if you were looking for a job). They need to know what were you spending your time on.
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Hey, have you heard back from them? had my oneline interview on 17 March and I still haven't heard from them..I was told to wait for 2 weeks, but has been over 6 weeks now

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