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Polina Mironova
Qatar Amiri Flight Interview
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Polina Mironova
Hi everyone,

I have an interview with Amiri Flight next week and I was wondering if anyone has any information on the process and the questions they might ask. I never worked for Middle Eastern airline before only Europe so I'm not familiar with how they do things.
I have very little VIP experience and they needed 3 years, I chanced it and send my CV anyway and was very surprised when I was asked for an interview. It's a Skype interview.
Would appreciate any information.

Thank you!
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Cabin Crew Consultant
They will be very much looking to see if you will 'fit' the Amiri profile...
Be prepared for questions based on your experience especially in first class and VIP, with examples of times you have provided excellent customer service, dealt with a difficult VIP or any incidents related to safety that you may have had. Read up on the company and the fleet, as they may well ask you what you know about Amiri and what you know about the Middle East - cultures and traditions as service onboard the aircraft is very different to that in Europe. Good luck with the interview!
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Any updates on your application? Would appreciate any info regarding the interview if possible! Thanks!
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ScorpionFly, May I ask how the interview went? Any information you could share?

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Hi guys,
I would like to ask how long you were waiting after submitting all papers?
And is that one now Qatar executive or they are still separated?
And are they strict when comes to experience, what if we have only 1 year in BC or FS are they still gonna consider our rwsume
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Cabin Crew Consultant
Qatar Amiri and Qatar Executive are different operations - completely separate and different aircraft types. They are usually strict on the requirements but if you fit their profile then they may consider you...
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Nealicia Megan Mapling

Would like to know how long the application takes to change from HM Review.
Will they inform you if you unsuccessful or not

Thank you
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ghofrane afendi

Hello everyone,

I did my final interview with qatar airways the 6/12, after 3 days most of the candidates received email of success or rejection but me and 2 other girls didn't receive anything 

I want to know if should I send a mail to qatar or not to see what's going on ?

Please can someone tell what should I do 

Thank you

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May I ask how long after applying for the job they scheduled an Interview? 

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