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Online interview with Ryanair
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Franktheman999 Hi everybody! I recently did an online interview for ryanair and I was wondering if anybody knew how long it takes to get the result. I know that normally it takes a few days to get the result but I don't know if that's still the case given the situation with the virus.
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Hi there,
I did an interview for RYR last Saturday, still no feedback though.
I was told by recruiter that it should take 5 working days, but can take longer due to high level of applications. You should get email regardless the result.
Good luck with your application!
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Martina Kirova
Hello, has anyone passed the video interview? And how did it go? Was it difficult ?
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Hi, I had my online interview 3 weeks ago and got an email on the 6th saying my application is under review and I’ll be contacted in the coming days with further information but as of yet, nothing. Also the interviewer just goes through your CV and asks you some basic questions, then you can ask them questions.

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Hi everyone,

Eventually how long did it take for them to reply? It's been almost 3 weeks for me as well...
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Hello sorry but after you received the email that they will contact you in incoming days with further information what happened after that can you tell me?
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Hi everyone,

I just got my video interview today,

Did you guys get the job ? :))
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Hi I just missed a call off crewlink today did anyone get a call from them after they sent of there cv and photograph thanks ?
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I'm having the interview the 4th February and nope, I didn't receive a call from them after sending the photo, passport and cv
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I had a call from Crewlink this morning too, it was to arrange my video interview for Wednesday.

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