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Hi everybody,
I have an AD for Eurowings next month and I would like to know a little more about the company (salaries, could we flight long haul if we are based in Mallorca?, benefits, etc).

If anyone has been in the assessment, can you help me have an idea about how is it?

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Bianca Fortunato
Hello, :)

Congratulations on getting through to the interview.

This is what I have found out so far;

Salary 1500 euros before tax
1.40 euros per hour from chocks to chocks
10% commission of sales on board
In summer and winter you will get an extra salary of 1500 euros per term
Out of the x amount of days off given, you can choose where to have 4 days off on a monthly basis
Short haul flights to UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Based in Mallorca

I will apply hopefully next week!

Hope the above information has helped.

All the best,
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I'll have mine also this month!

Did you found anything else already?
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Bianca Fortunato
Hola Belen,

Como estas? Congratulations on both job offers, Eurowings and Norwegian. Marta informed me about you, I also met her via here. :)

I was wondering whether you are able to share some information about the interview day and what was the personal interview like?

Also did they go over the contract conditions, like for eg how many earlies, nights are carried out on a month?

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Hi Bianca,
Thank you!
They didn't get into details about the conditions... They didn't even tell us the payment till we asked for it (1500€), but you can ask everything you want in the final interview.
The AD is divided into 3 parts: ALL IN ENGLISH, as they are german
1) English test --> Really easy,... it was opposites, synonims (be careful and don't confuse synonimes with opposites! as some people failed for that); prepositions, etc.
2.1 Personal questions (ex: why eurowings? what do your friends say about you? what would you bring to a desert island?, etc.
2.2 Group Briefing: In groups of 4 discuss different topics. We only have 5 minutes!!

3) Final interview: Two eurowings representatives and you. General question with your cv about your experience, etc.

We were about 40 people and only 16 of us were in the final step. However none of the other girls I talked to got the job so I am not really sure what they are looking for.

In the email they sent me when I was selected they gave me the following information:

- Flight Attendant courses, which will start in October, December, or January
-The course will take place in Palma de Mallorca and partly in Vienna, Austria or Cologne, Germany. After the training period you will complete your familiarization flights to get properly prepared for the start in Palma de Mallorca. For your time in Vienna/Cologne we will provide you with accommodation free of charge.

Good luck to everyone!!
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Hi , finally are you pass ?

I have next week my interview .
Did you think was easy ?
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can i ask you guys when you applied and when they invited you to interview?
Because i applied a few weeks ago, and i don't know if it's still actual. I don't know if they will let me know if i failed?
It if imporant to speak fluently german? (base Vienna)

Thank you
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Hey, guys!

I have my interview in Feb/2018. Any news regarding VIE base ( working conditions, salary, roster... ) ?


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I like this post, And I figure that they have a great time to peruse this post, they might take a decent site to make an information, thanks for sharing it with me. 

אלי גבאי

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chambers sheppard

I believe they will have plenty of time to read it. 

happy wheels unlocked

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