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Emirates recruitment process
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Hy guys
I wanted some advices from you guys because i’m still waiting for my GC which is not yet arrived.
I did my FI via internet 28/12 and after that they called me twice . First time was for asking me new professional photos so I sent them ( 6/01) aftet that my status change in Interview completed, then after 3 days they called me again asking me about my diploma and since that time I had no feedback from them.

Can you guys tell me what does it mean ? Those calls are not considered golden call but is it a good sign?

Did someone had my same experience?
How long it takes for you guys to get the GC?

Thank you in advice guys ?? this waiting game is so agonising ??
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Cheri Crystal

Here are some of the best ways that you can apply if you're looking for a job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1: First, make a CV that is professional and contains all your job history, where were you employed, what the job responsibilities you were handling, etc.

2: Once your CV is ready, get yourself registered or create your account on all the professional job sites. Make sure all your details are genuine as in your executive CV writing.

3: In the meantime apply for your 3 months visitor visa and fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

4: After landing in Dubai, start off searching for the jobs that you want.

5: Another, best thing that you can do is look for all the companies then search for their HRs or hiring department people on LinkedIn, try making a connection with them and ask them if there are any opportunities.

6: If, they provide you with their email address, email them your CV and wait for their call or email to revert.

7: You can even go for a walk-in interview, for the experience.


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