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Crewlink Online Interview April 2021
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Hello everyone!
I started this topic to update any wannabe cabin crew here (so am I by the way).
I have my online interview tomorrow at 12am in Italy and I hope everything will go smoothly. I'm really nervous as I've done some research but I'd like to have recent info about the interviews, training process, etc.
If there's any of you who had an interview this month or so please answer I'll be here refreshing the website lol.

I’m back after my interview to update anyone who wants to have recent information.
So chill everybody because it’s the fastest and shortest interview I’ve ever had, I started at 12:05 in the morning and finished it at 12:14, he just asked to let him see my passport, he made me stand up to check I was dressed the right way then proceeded to ask me why I wanted to be Cabin Crew, he asked if I had any tattoos, how tall I was, where do I live, if I had any problem with being relocated to any of their bases and finally he asked why should they hire me/why do I think I’m suitable for the job.
So guys calm down, breath because if I could do it you can do it ok? GOOD LUCK
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Just to reassure you, I had the interview some days ago. It was nothing too complicated. Just an informal talk to the interviewer. I was asked some general questions at the beginning (full name, height, if I was willing to relocate) and then a couple of questions such as “why do you want to be a CC?”, and “why are you leaving your current job”. Finally, the interviewer read a little paragraph (about 2/3 sentences) and asked me 2 questions just to check that I was able to follow him and understand the information.
I understand you might feel nervous (I was too), but trust me, you don’t need to!
Wear your best smart outfit and show a beautiful smile ;)
I’m sure you’ll make it!

Best of luck

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All the best in your interview! Nothing to worry about, simple questions, in 15 minutes your interview is done and you will pass for sure!!! Most of the questions is about you, your CV and a few of CC
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Hello guys,
I hope you are well.
Did you receive your result? For which positions did you apply for?
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Hello there, sorry for the late response.
So I did my interview as you can see on my earliest post. Till now I haven’t had any feedback. I applied for the cabin crew position with Ryanair.
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Hii, I submitted my application to Crewlink 3 days ago and I’m still waiting for the English assessment. I’m hoping it doesn’t take long so I can get the interview ASAP. How was the test? Is it easy? And how long did you have to wait to get it? how long has it taken from submitting to getting the interview? Hoping you pass! Wish I also had an interview haha really would love this job!
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Does anyone know if there will be any courses after may 6th?
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Hello, they emailed me that they going to interview me on 2nd or 3rd this month but I haven't heard from them yet and there's a training course in Manchester on 4th so what will happen if they don't update me regarding on my interview?
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Hello, what is the email for sending documents after interview? I lost it;/

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Martyna Zgorzelska

WTF ? To check if your dressed the right way ? Do you had to be dressed somehow if yes then how can you explain ? Would be nice :) 

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