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CAE - SAS Ireland (LHR base)
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Hi everyone!
I have applied for a cabin crew position at Sas Ireland through CAE. I was invited to record a video interview and shortly after they emailed me to schedule a phone interview.

Is anyone aware of the steps that will follow the phone interview? I know in previous recruitments (before covid) they used to organize in-person assessments but I am not sure they will continue to do so atm.

Any experience at all on a recruitment process with them?
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JD 99
Hi Sierrah!
I applied as well for a senior position, but haven't heard anything after video interview unfortunately...How was your phone interview? Did they share contract details?
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Likewise, applied for a senior position over 2 weeks ago, sent in the Video interview and not heard anything since. I’m hoping I’ll at least get a reply either way.
Are you all already rated on the A319/20/21?
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JD 99
Hi! Yes, I was flying on A320/21 as Senior, but with my previous not current airline. I have emailed them yesterday and they replied that I will be contacted by the end of this week regarding further steps. Start date is Aug 9th,if successful
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Hi there!

My application is not for senior, so hopefully you guys will still hear back from them!

Is that start day confirmed? I am still in the process but no joining date expectation was given to me, however, they did mention that they would like it to be asap.

Phone interview is very informative tho, they share all contract details and terms and conditions, so you can make questions and decide if it's for you or not at this stage.

Hope it helps and crossing my fingers for all of us!
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So is the phone call more or less the final step? Or did they say what comes next? Assuming it’s done differently at the moment since we already did a video interview?

I’ve just been offered a screening call now myself too!
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After the screening call there is a group interview followed by an individual interview

Start dates 9 and 23 August
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Well done!
The screening call (nothing to worry about, more like a casual chat about the offer itself) will be followed by a group assessment and a personal interview, both online. Quite a long process tbh, but hopefully it will be worth it!
I am waiting to hear back after my final interview and they did mention that there’s still no info on when and where the trainings will be held, so I guess we will still need to wait.
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Amazing thanks for the info. Fingers crossed for us all.
I must admit I’m not sure how I feel about an online group activity and interview, I come across Sooooo much better in person, I hate hiding behind a computer screen, unsurprising really, given that us cabin crew are people people!
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Anyone successful and with a start date has been contacted with training details?

I haven't heard back from them since they offered my start date (9th August). Given the short notice, I will really appreciate any info about where the training will be held while I wait for CAE to come back to me ...

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