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Vista Jet - Any info?
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Hey guys,

Thinking of trying to get into private/corporate flying after 5-6 years working in the Middle East, saw Vista were recruiting and was wondering about salary, rotations, per diems etc?

I know its 17 days on and 13 off but would be grateful for any further information.

Thanks in advance :)

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I applied last time they recruited... still awaiting a reply months and months later
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Cabin Crew Consultant
The salary is pretty standard for business aviation these days - around 2500-3000 per month including per diem. Training etc. is done during off days, so be prepared for that. They offer numerous gateways from which you can fly from in Europe - if you do not live near one, then you have to factor that into your costs. The workload is quite heavy and they fly a lot. Crews are generally friendly. It doesn't suit everyone but I would say it's a good place for anyone starting out to learn the business and gain experience...
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Zd Ze
My application says "Received Submission". Anyone has a different experience?
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Did anyone receive an invitation for an interview with VistaJet? Wondered what the recruitment process is like?

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hi, I sent a spontaneous application for cabin crew position in May 2020. But my status is still the same "submitted". Did they contacted you?
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Cabin Crew Consultant
I know that they are tentatively recruiting for a few roles in the office and possibly pilots. But not sure about cabin crew at this stage... I'll update if I hear any further.
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Hey! Yes :) I did get that email. I applied a king time ago too! I did my interviews and just haven’t heard back... was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for them to make a decision. They said they would get back to me “next week” and it’s been over a week now so I’m nervous.
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It appears vista is hiring i was invited for an interview, any updates on salary, contract rotation? I know companies are changing contracts in the middle east so hopefully this isn't happening too much in the european private sector? any info is greatly appreciated! thanks.
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Cabin Crew Consultant
No updates as far as I know...same rosta/salary etc. Yes, contracts have been changing in the Middle East mainly in the commercial sector, business aviation has been less affected but of course, if they can save costs they will, citing the pandemic.. Vistajet have been doing well throughout the last few years so I can't see them changes terms and conditions at this time.

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