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Virgin Atlantic/ BA
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I know this is a long shot… but does anyone have any information on how Virgin and BA are doing with their recruitment pools at the moment? I know it’s started getting busier and busier with the industry and I know we have a long way to go before normality… but it does seem like both airlines are working their way through the holding pools.
I’m lucky enough to have a job with a short haul airline but if I’m honest the new contracts are so bad that it’s barely survivable with having to relocate ect, would love to move back home and be able to do long haul.
Even if you don’t know any information what are your opinions on how Virgin and BA are doing at the moment? Do you think there will be a recruitment drive at some point?
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They are not going to recruit new cabin crew at least till 2022.
They don’t need people at the moment as they are not operating a lot like the low cost and they have enough staff, actually some of them are still in furlough and in case they’ll need more people, they will contact back the redundant. This is what I know so far..
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I have been in the hold pool for BA since Jan 2020, was awaiting a course before the pandemic.
Two days ago I have received an email saying there will be an offer of employment in the next couple weeks and they're looking for courses to start spring 2022. So with regards to a new recruitment drive I think will be later in the year of 2022, from what I gather there's roughly 1500 in the hold pool.

Best of Luck X
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David Gough

How Virgin and BA are doing with their recruitment pools at the moment? 

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