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Should we be social distancing?
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We don't social distance on the aircraft as we can't do our job properly while social distancing.

Once we get to the destination we usually have a 1-3 night layover. During this layover we (the team of crew that are working together on the flight after the layover) usually go out for breakfast and dinner together and often sit around the same table closer than 2 meters like we would in normal times. A few staff in restaurants have commented saying we shouldn't all be around the table and then when we tell them we work together and can't social distance in work then they still say that we are behaving inappropriately and should social distance and we have had a few other quite rude comments.

Do you think we should be social distancing during the layover's?
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I'm surprised your employer hasn't issued instructions.

My employer has issued guidance based on risk assessments and local government instructions such as not using communal areas (bar/restaurants) and ordering food/drinks via room service only.

Of course, not all employees are gifted with the responsibility gene or follow company advice but that's a disciplinary/ capability issue which will only come to light if the hotels or your colleagues report it.

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