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Royale Clasher
Missed call from Emirates airlines GC

 I misse a call from Emirates, checked the number on Google and it's them.. called them back after an hour.. got the answering machine.. then the next day called them and also got the answering machine.. I texted the number and emailed them but still nothing.. it's day 3 and it's been 3 weeks+ since my final interview just like the recruiter said in 3 weeks we'll get back to u.. the application status is still under review . And I'm freaking out  ! Did I miss on my chance because I didn't pick up  !!!! And btw I was no place near my phone.

Emirates missed call golden call gc emirates airlines
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Hello, I had my assessment and face to face interview this week only with Emirates. After that I received a call but I missed it. I'm so worried cause they didn't call back and there's no email as well. Now I don't know my application status cause it remained the same which is "Application shortlisted" in their website. Has anyone received a call and missed it too here? Did they call back? I'm so worried.

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@Royale Clasher  how's your application status now? did they call you again?

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