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Volotea English test
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Sent my application to volotea cabin crew and I received an email saying that I need to go further in the process and do an English test.
In the email it’s written I will receive this test my email but no information about when.
I checked on the website and there isn’t any link to access a kind of portal or anything like that so I just think I need to wait for them to send it sooner or later..

Someone else the same?
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I just received one. Did you pass the English test then ? 

How long did you wait to receive the link ? How was the test presented ? 

I tried to look for more information but couldn't find any... if you could give me more details I would really appreciate it ^^ 

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Neil Burton

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Piccili Chanty

Ciao! Posso chiederti informazioni sull'application? Dopo quanto tempo hai ricevuto il link per fare il test di inglese? E dopo averlo fatto, hai svolto il colloquio? Sai se ti mandano nelle basi di preferenza che hai messo?

Grazie mille

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