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Hi everyone:-)

Anyone starting with Smartlynx?


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Yutthachai Wadsumrong
Hello there! Which base did they gave you? I know that there are few people that will be sent to Vietnam
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Hola cuando tienes el curso ? Yo el 5 sep
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Hi. Not sure yet.
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Hi Everyone;

I also had been selected by Smartlynx... will starting 05 Sept. my training course... Landing in MAD airport around 27 I coming from other part of the world ...

Hoping that is going to be a good adventure for all of us...

While in MAD need to renew my Class 2... Any recommendation where, prices, etc. I had been living outside EU for long period.
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Envíame privado vivo en Madrid a ver si te puedo ayudar
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Hi, any news from Smartlynx? Gracias
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Hi all . Any news regarding Smartlynx? Thanka in advance
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No news yet, hope soon we will know anything
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Hi guys! I got my training next 5th sept in Riga. I don't know the based until you finish your training. One of the base is in Vietnam but they have more across Europe. Salary around 1600/1800€ month And they provide hotel accommodation.
Anyone of u attending next 5th? Do u know how Many days is the traninig course?

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