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Temp crew
Sentra Airways Manchester


I just wondered if anyone else has applied to Sentra Airways at Manchester ??

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Michelle Davies

Hi, yes I applied about 2 months ago.  I was successful in my cabin crew assessment day and I am excited to say I have been offered the position! 

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Temp crew


Well done, what was the salary for cabin crew plz, did they show you the uniform?

My assessment day is later this month

Once again well done

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Flying Wings

Do they only fly Manchester to Accra?

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Michelle Davies

Thank you .... i am over the moon...  salary 20k for crew ...  uniform being finalised ... description is navy with a hat.... Accra to start up then other routes in the planning..

Good luck : ) x

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olivia bolton

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Michelle Davies

Hi x just be prepared & good luck x

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Temp crew

Hi Michelle

I was just wondering if you have a start date with Sentra Airways,


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Michelle Davies

No start date as yet but secured my role .... i don't think it would be professional to discuss the interview process ..  Good luck 


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