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Ryanair- Edinburgh
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Good Morning Cabin Crew Community,

I have recently applied to Ryanair as Cabin Crew out of Edinburgh base and have the English Test to complete.

I just wondered if there are any Ryanair Cabin Crew or ex Ryanair Cabin Crew that could give me some more info about the job such as the monthly take home pay, how busy the rosters are, what the training is like and where it is and the promotion prospects etc..

If there are any current Ryanair Crew from Edinburgh base on here it would be really good to chat to you regarding how busy flying is at the moment and more info about the base.

Have a good day everyone

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Henry Weissman

I'm searching for a career opportunity for my niece.She wants to become a cabin crew and has relevant education. But do you know where I can google on the web <a href="">Google/</a> a good option for her? Is it realistic to do on online recruiting resources or it's better to write direct emails to aviation HR or general contacts?


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