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Recruiting in 2021...??
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Hi Guys

I currently work as Cabin Crew for a short haul airline in the UK and I know I am very lucky and fortunate to still have my job given the last 18 months and I am very grateful.

It's just that the airline I currently work for, I am really struggling with. Without going into too much detail I really want to leave, but I love the actual job itself so Im really stuck.

I keep thinking of just holding out until other airlines start recruiting, as it will look better if I just stick it out and suck it up. However, every single day I am checking for other airlines vacancies and nothing. I don't know what I expect during a global pandemic but I think I'm waiting on a miracle.


Does anybody have any insider secrets to share? Any rumours? Or know any airlines that will start recruiting soon or are currently recruiting that I can't see?

Im thinking TUI, BA, Virgin etc... wishing on a star here!
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Hi I have been made redundant in 2020 due the pandemic and I lost my flight attendant job. I have seen the company I was working with started to recruit new people also without any experience instead than calling us backs. Since then I did the impossible to find a new airline to work with and it has been quite difficult so far. I found a couple of open applications online for Volotea, Ryanair, Wizzair, Qatar, NorseAtlantic, easyjet and some American Airlines. The most of them are recruiting with a 6 months contract and the others are just not answering to all my applications which I find weird not giving me even a chance, because I have almost 5 years experience as cc. That’s why I preferred to just wait for better times to apply. I don’t really know what to say, all the people I know in aviation are telling me that they are flying so much but every time I traveled in the last couple of months, all the airports I have been to are empty. All the flights are less than half full and all the tickets are quite cheap to buy. I think we have to wait at least 2022 to have a better view on this situation but I personally keep an eye on the news and all the vacancies to be ready to catch every opportunities. I would suggest you to keep your job as more time as you can because despite what it looks like we are still far from recovery.

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