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Eurowings Prague
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Hello guys,
Anyone applied for Eurowings cabin crew based in Prague and got reply already?
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Hey, I have applied for this vacancy and last week I had a video interview. Now I'm waiting for response.
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Hi, can you tell us what was the video interview consisted of? Series of questions? Were you able to re-submit your video replies, if you were not happy with the first take? How much time did you get before you needed to record your reply, was it limited? What were the questions?

Any detail you share will be appreciated!
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Have you received any update after the interview? I am still waiting
State: in progress
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Same here, no response since the video interview.
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raffaella scappi
Hi guys . I received an email from them saying I was selected for a video interview. Is it an automated interview or a virtual assessment day?
It’s not very clear from the email. They said they will send a second email with timeframe but I haven’t received anything yet .
Thanks a lot
Good luck everyone
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Hey, this is an automated video interview, you should record and submit your answers until the deadline. I have received the 2nd email, including the invitation 2 days after the first one.
Good luck for the interview
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The on-site assessment is the next step after the video interview. There should be an English test, group activities, and individual interviews. Don't know much apart from this. Yet...
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Hey guys,
anyone knows if you need a cabin crew attestation when applying for the ab-initio cabin crew position for PRG base?
thank you.
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So far they have invited only experienced crew members.

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