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B787 - Norse Atlantic Airways
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On behalf of Norse Atlantic Airways, OSM Aviation will soon be looking for Cabin Crew to operate on the airline’s B787 fleet on transatlantic routes.

Operations are planned to start up during the fall of 2021.

Would you like to take part in this exciting journey?

Any previous long-haul experience will be an advantage.

Once you have registered, more details on available positions, bases, the operation, and terms & conditions will be shared with you.
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Thank you, I didn't know they would rebrand Norwegian that way
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This is very exciting news.
However, I am trying to apply but the page never seems to load? Is anybody else having this problem? I even tried to submit a technical difficulties complaint but it wouldn't submit it, instead it just kept loading.
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JD 99
Did anyone managed to "Apply"? Site is lagging so much, it seems impossible to get it done
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Same here
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According to a press release they've managed to lease 12 old Norwegian 787's. They're going to focus on long haul routes to New York, Los Angeles and Miami from Europe. They've not said anything else about it so far but want to launch in December.
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I take it it will be a LGW base for London?
Does anyone have any info on what the pay, take home etc used to be for Norwegian as I imagine it will be the same conditions?
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On a busy month it was £1800-£1900 plus when I was on the big trips and on the other AOC. I left before the UK crew moved over to the UK AOC but I think their wage was a little less.
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Thank you.
Will be interesting to see it take form. Wonder what the bases will be and what the trip patterns will be like.
Hopefully people will start to get some replies soon.
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just got an email asking for my documents

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