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I used to work for Freebird and because I noticed that any information cannot be found about it, I decided to write some.

First I want to clarify that I worked for Freebird Europe and not for Freebird Turkey.
When we first started, I was based in Eindhoven and everything was amazing there. After the base was closed, they started moving us to CGN LEJ and PAD..
The basic salary for any of these bases is 1400€(netto) with 40H included. Whenever you fly more than 40H you get 20€/H(brutto). To have an idea of what your salary would look like, I can say that it reaches 1400- 1600€(netto).

The rent in CGN and LEJ is between 700-800€ if you want to live alone in a studio. If you want to share an apartment that will cost approximately 1000€. Like this you can have an idea of how low the salary is for Germany.

The training is easy and nice. The colleagues are amazing.The service during  the flights  is easy and no pressure like in other companies.

During winter there are layovers so you are basically most of the time away from home your homebase.These layovers are paid, but also taxed. With 20-25 days of layover the salary hardly reaches more than 2000€ (neto) Is it really worth being all the time away from home and get around 2000€? Not really….
The roster is a mess and sometimes the days off are changed without being asked to duty days. There are also ‘Blank’ days. This means that you can be called any time to go to work, even within a short notice. To give you an example, whenever someone calls in sick and the stand-by crew doesn’t answer, the crew with a blank day will be the next one that is being called. It’s like a stand-by day, but a nightmare of any cabin crew. The crew control/occ doesn’t really have any power of changing your schedule, unless they have to call someone out of standby. Swaps are hardly accepted and the only person that can approve it is the manager. The same happens with the annual leave, the manager has to approve it and send it to the scheduling. There are 30 days of A/L per year and during summer only one week can be taken. You get the approval 15 days prior your holiday when the roster is published.
The management or HR doesn’t really answer to any of your question, even if it’s roster or personal/professional related questions.

I hope this was helpful  for the new joiners,

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Andreea Burlan

Hello JD99! Can you please let me knoe what 40H means? 40 flight hours? Thanks!

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