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Jetconnect Short Haul

Hi Peeps

So long Haul had their calls, is anyone here waiting for Short haul Call. I’m base in auckland and love to hear from you !!!

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Hey there. I just graduated last week.

At this stage they require more Long Haul crew. I think I heard short haul starts in May 

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Max Mad

Yes, I'm waiting too

stickman hook

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@max mad which base 

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Hey guys

Whose waiting for short haul training?

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i just got called out to do medicals. Whose starting training in June for SH

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Hey, anyone who had their final interview last Friday (27/05/2022)? Have you heard any results?

Still waiting on mine - almost the end of the week already - still no e-mail. Is that a good sign? 

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Wishing to fly

Have you heard anything CrewWannaBe? I'm in the same boat/plane just a few weeks later? I've heard nothing...

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Hi W2fly — yaaas! Got the call already. I did submit all my req’s. No news is good news, if they did not call you yet then possible that you made it. Cheers! 

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