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Hey guys,

I live up North and have a Virgin interview this month.

Its going to be quite a lot of money to travel and stay before the interview, so just wanted some more info about Virgin before I pay and arrange travel and accommodation.

My intention would be to commute if I got the job, so was just wondering if anyone could share with me an example of a roster, just to see if I could manage it.

Thank you
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Hi. Loads of crew live up North and commute down so don’t let it put you off.
Trains and driving.
You’ll usually end up with 4 - 6 trips depending on length etc.

For December my friend got Lagos 1 night, Miami 1 night, San Fran 3 nights, Orlando over Christmas 1 night and then a Miami 1 night just before New Years.

Another friend got JFK 1 night, LAX 2 nights, JFK 1 night, Joburg 1 night and then a long Montego Bay.

But for your first six months you can expect a real mix of Airbus and B787 flights. Lots of LA, Joburg, India, East Coast USA and San Frans. Shanghai and Hong Kong are quite highly requested as well as the Caribbean routes.

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