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Kaylee Louise
first flight
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Kaylee Louise
helo, just want to know how soon you are told where your first flight is going to be!!!

i heard that it was during your training course is it true?


am starting tomorrow!!! whoohooo so excited ! hehe


thanks kaylee x
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Roster day is the 15th of each month. With you starting so close to Feb roster day I wouldnt like to say whether you'll get a roster for March or not. If you do get a March roster it will probably just have 1 trip on it - right at the end.

However on 15th March you will get a full months roster for April.
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Barry The Cat
Due to your start day you will probably get your first roster after you have completed your SEP, when it usually is handed to you before it's put on Ifly. You will get your first proper roster via Ifly in March (close to or around the 15th - if it's at the weekend, then you'll get it either the Friday or the Monday).
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Hello everyone. I was wondering after we have completed our five weeks training and start our first flights. Are we automatically included in the numbers or are we supernumerary so we can have time to settle in and find our feet so to speak?
Thank you in advance.
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Hello Mark!

Welcome to the VS family.

You will be included as non-required operating crew and will start working on your very first flight. Just let the crew know that this is your first and they will take a good care of you. Enjoy!

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