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Vanessa Branson
TUI Talent Pool - Summer 2022
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Vanessa Branson
Hay everyone,

I found out yesterday i have been placed in the talent pool for NWI. Anyone else for the same base or in the same situation of now waiting for the official offer and training start date?

When/if the official offer comes through i will do my training at the TUI School of Excellence in the East Midlands.
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You may be at East Midlands but TUI also have a training centre at Gatwick called Jetset House
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Theresa murphy

Hi, how long did you have to wait from the assessment day to being told you had made it through to talent pool? 😊

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Theresa murphy

Just found out out I’m in the the talent pool!!! I’m absolutely buzzing!

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Theresa murphy

Hi anyone else I the TUI Gatwick pool 😊

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Fantastic news Theresa I received my date yesterday I’m training at LGW for LGW on the 1/3/22…….. 

so exciting 🤣

Let us know when you receive your date here’s hoping you don’t wait too long

Sharon x

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Theresa murphy

Great news Sharon, will definitely let you know when I hear anything x

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Di Moore

I’m due to start training for Birmingham on 1st Feb. Anyone else? 

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Theresa murphy

Hey Sharon, I found out today I’m starting training at Gatwick 9th March xx

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Starting training Aberdeen 13 March anybody else xx

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