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General Knowledge exam
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Hiya! Am trying to help someone out who's not on here yet. What's the general knowledge exam about? And is there a geography exam too? If so, what's that - capital cities, resorts etc?


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Hey! Nope its just a numeracy test x
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Hey the exam is 15 questions of what i can remember. It consists of time zones. 24 Hour clock, currency conversions and percantages, hope you're friend does good on it, its not as hard as everyone thinks, you get 15 minutes, i missed the last 2 questions unfortunatly. Hope this helps :) xxx
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I had my AD on Saturday and it was just a 15 question numeracy test. They must have changed the protocol x

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I had my A/D on saturday 27th also, in manchester at 3pm.
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I missed the last 4 questions as I misheard the time as 50 minutes! Be sure to take a watch to have in front of you x
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Originally posted by @melrobson02

I had my AD on Saturday and it was just a 15 question numeracy test. They must have changed the protocol x

I doubt they would have changed halfway through as that's unfair. I think my pal just might have the wrong end of the stick :)

Cheers guys!
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thank you for this exam thanks
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Hello everone!

I will apply soon, once the applications comes available.

Could you please tell me how is the assessment day? (math test, questions, group task)

I'm just picking up info regarding that to be reassured

Thank you

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