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Training course Ryanair
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Hi guys.
Is it true that the cost of training course with Ryanair is now free? Someone told me that Crewlink posted on Facebook this news!! Is it possible that now it’s not that expensive anymore?

I’ll have my recruitment day next Saturday and I wanted to know, at the moment, what’s all the cost that they have for everything.
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Yeah, and also they are paying 28€ per every training course day but the new contract is worse than the ones given when the course was paid.
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I think is free just for who applied after the offer started. Personally I faild to take the english test last month, and in the e-mail was a deduction of 90% (from 500 to 50) for the "reserve tax" and the course cost was like 2.999 if i pay from next salary's and 2300(or something) if i payed all together.

OK, after i fail, i reapply and surprise, now is free course training ( ) . Also they have an new joiners allowance of 1200 last month and now is 750e, but still the free course are crazy !

Good luck !! Im still stuck in some questions ...
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Hi I am about to start the Ryanair cabin crew training course and I was wondering where it will be based.

Thank you

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Busisiwe jili
Once you are successful on the interview they will send u the country where their next training is usually Germany Italy or Ireland you will pay for your own accommodation, if where the training is , doesn't suit you they will send you another email letting you know where the next training is whenever is confirmed and on the email they will also tell you the bases available for that group.
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Hi thank you that has been really helpful.

Thanks Again

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Hi again I was wondering if the training course is based abroad will they pay for your flight over there and how much will they pay you during training.

Thank You

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They do provide a flight to the training location free of charge.
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Hi again If I am successful I am waiting for a reply from Ryanair will they be able to provide financial assistance until I get the basic salary or will this be an issue.

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WHAT? they made you pay before the English test?

How and they drop the salary from 1,200 to 750?
thats crazy

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