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Joana Camões
Ryanair/Crewlink training course in Rome


I was supposed to start my training course in Hahn on June 2nd but today I received an e-mail saying that it was changed to Rome… anybody in the same situation? 

I’m really confused with the information they gave me…

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Francesca Esposito

Hi! I haven't picked a location to do my course in yet but I just got an email that says that Rome is now an option. I looked online everywhere for some information about the training center location in order to find a place to stay but I haven't found anything. Have you found that information anywhere? 

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Joana Camões

Hello Francesca. 

I received another e-mail saying that the course will take place in an hotel but they are waiting for confirmation so I don’t know which hotel yet… I’m waiting for that information as well in order to find a place to stay. Did you choose Rome for your training course? When will you start? 

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Francesca Esposito

Hi Joana! I got a call today from Crewlink, they asked me about my availability and told me that I will get the information about the location of the course once I confirm. I guess I'm starting on June 2nd but I am not sure because I do not think I will have my medical certificate by then, but again they said over the phone that it doesn't matter but now I am confused. Have you signed yet? Do you have all the documents? 

If you want to keep in touch my email address is

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Joana Camões

I’ve already signed for this training course. They sent me today the plane ticket and I’ll fly to Rome on may 31st but I don’t have a house/room yet because I’m waiting for the training exact location….

I have an appointment to get my medical tomorrow but I know that you can perform the medical on the training location as well. 

I’m sending you an e-mail with more information :) 

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Hello friends, I applied for the cabin crew job from Poland yesterday. Today they called me from Ireland, but I couldn't pick them up. Do you think they'll call back again? I can't call because my phone is closed to international calls due to a problem. Or do you think I can get a return if I send an e-mail?

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