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Ryanair training course
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Hy all!!
I passed all the assessments, also the interview, and they offered me two training course terms, which I had to refuse because they were in a few days only! So I told them it's a little bit early for me because of my current job and asked to inform me about the next training courses. They didn't reply anything yet, does this mean they will no longer contact me?
Thank you and good luck to everyone! :)
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Heyy! So it happened the same with me, I had to refuse the first one because of university ands the second one again because the same reason, now I'm waiting too but I don't think there's is any problem because I spoke in the interview about the university and the recruiter said it was no problem.
Did you send email to let them know? You can also call, in your place I would call.
I hope I was helpfull!
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Hi! I Passed all the assessments for the crewlink recruitment, but previously in the interview I explained that I am willing to enter the course, but I’m yet in the American continent for family reasons, my next flight was in mid-July to Spain. To be ready for the course in Europe, and getting the docs to enter!

As a former cabin crew, the time preparing a course and recruiting people takes a few days or weeks.

Also based in the recruiter response about if I passed the interview and received the confirmation in a week or two about the next course. I thought that will be happening in few weeks, giving time for obtaining (for me) the most essential docs required In good time!

Later, in one day(Friday, June 25) I received the confirmation to enter the course in Barcelona on June 30… So fast and too shortly on time??!! Being positive, apart from changing my flight ticket to Spain quickly, I thought: how I can obtain at least the most essential docs in only maybe less than 2 businesses days(AME, Criminal check Record of my 2 nationalities in English and apostilled…) and I realized that was going to be hard :(

Waiting for their response I was thinking to call, but after 4 days today I received a call from recruitment in Ireland, and talked about it… and yes, the courses are limited. Except telling me that in few days or a week that I receive info about the soon next course.

So wait for the call or the email
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hi!! i passed my interview on monday and was offered to begin the manchester training which started yesterday so had to refuse as it was too short notice so i asked for them to send me the details for the next course which is in birmingham beginning 13th july. however birmingham is really out of the way so im waiting for them to let me know when the next manchester one is. they didnt answer my email but i phoned them and said theyve put a note next to my name to inform me when they know detsils of the next manchester one. unsure whether they'll remember though so i'm a bit stuck
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Richard Samuels

Hi, I don't know if you'll ready this but I wondered if any of you were successful in getting a new training course date later than the original one you were offered and also how it all went? 

My daughter is in same position right now and your experiences positive or negative would be really appreciated!



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